Healing from heartbreak is an intentional pathway back to a wholeness of self.

When we engage in relationships with our wholeness intact, we are empowered to share ourselves fully and embrace others’ wholeness openly.

The process starts with and is centered around you. Using a self-empowerment model, I listen carefully to your intuition and inner wisdom and guide your attention and energy to the parts of you that are asking to be soothed and uplifted.

You will learn how to cultivate and participate in a relationship with the most important person in your life, no matter what situation or season: you.

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Cape Kiwanda, Pacific City, Oregon

Cape Kiwanda, Pacific City, Oregon

Road's End Beach, Lincoln City, Oregon

Road's End Beach, Lincoln City, Oregon


The Practice

Using a psychodynamic and mindfulness approach and integrating concepts and techniques from attachment theory, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), I help people with an array of issues that result in disempowerment, anxiety, and depression.

I provide a free 30-minute consultation for potential clients. Appointments are available on weekdays and weekends.

I work exclusively with individuals in any stage of the relationship cycle – please note that I do not provide couples therapy.

1. Love & Heartbreak

You may feel hopeless, alone, lost, and unable to look forward. I will help you wade through the sadness and grief of heartbreak and explore avenues for growth, independence, and healing. Read more...

2. Dating

I'm here to help you navigate the complexity of dating and relationship development, understand your dating habits and motivations, and communicate your needs and desires clearly and effectively. Read more...

3. Relationships & Identity

I will guide you in empowering your sense of self and gaining confidence to have healthy relationships with significant others, family, and community. Read more...


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My practice is FULL as of September 2019 and I am not accepting new clients at this time. This page will be updated as my status changes.

I respond to emails and voicemails within 24 business hours to the best of my ability.

Karel Chan, LPC
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