Rates  & Insurance

God's Thumb, Lincoln City, Oregon

God's Thumb, Lincoln City, Oregon


It's important to me that you find the right therapist for you, and for me to know that I’m able to provide you with the best care. To aid in this, I offer a 30-minute in-person consultation free of charge prior to scheduling the first counseling session.

My rate is $125 per hour ($150 per hour for initial or annual diagnostic assessment). I offer a limited number of sliding scale sessions for clients with financial constraints. Fees for sliding scale sessions are determined on a case-by-case basis.

I accept cash and credit/debit cards, including HSA/FSA account cards. Payment is due at each session.

Cape Kiwanda at low tide, Pacific City, Oregon

Cape Kiwanda at low tide, Pacific City, Oregon


I am in network with Regence BlueCross BlueShield and Aetna insurance providers. For other insurance providers, I am considered out of network, and can provide receipts for reimbursement of out of pocket costs. Your benefits will vary according to your plan; I encourage you to call your insurance provider to verify your out of pocket responsibility.

As a mental health practitioner and advocate, I take responsibility for transparency regarding your healthcare and your rights to make decisions around it. When billing insurance for your mental health services, I am required to assign you a diagnosis for which the insurance company is willing to pay for treatment.

This can get tricky. Because I focus and specialize in self-empowerment and relationships — which are usually not clinically diagnosable — oftentimes the issues you come to me with may not qualify for an insurance-approved diagnosis. That doesn’t mean you aren’t struggling, and it doesn’t mean that we can’t do deep and meaningful work! But it does mean that involving insurance may become complicated, and by framing our work around a diagnosis that does not accurately depict what you’re wanting to change, we’re limited in what we’re able to focus on in our sessions.

We’re also in an age where health insurance has become increasingly conditional and complex, and carrying a diagnosis — even a common one — could prevent us from accessing comprehensive or affordable insurance and care down the line if it becomes considered a “pre-existing condition.”

Paying for your healthcare out of pocket means that the only parties involved are you and your provider – in this case, me. My focus and priority are always to hear and understand your experience and how you want to change it, and to ensure that we’re using our time together to your greatest benefit. You are in control of your emotional well-being; I take the time and intention to develop and nurture a relationship with you so that you can trust that I want what is best for you. I can’t comfortably say the same about the many faceless hands involved in processing your insurance claims!

That said, I also understand the financial ease and access that insurance provides, and I support the decision that you want to make with regard to your healthcare. When involving insurance in our work, I will always be transparent and communicative with you about diagnosing and any information that needs to be communicated to your insurance provider, and am willing to answer any questions and walk you through understanding the process!