Cauliflower and Kale Soup

Relationships & Identity

I will guide you in empowering your sense of self and gaining confidence to have healthy relationships with significant others, family, and community. With a balance of warmth, directness, humor, and challenge, I will sit with you in your emotions and experiences, feel with you, laugh with you, and even cry with you. Together, we will explore your values and beliefs. You will develop a deeper understanding of who you are and what makes you unique, and boldly embark on life’s journey with a strong presence in healthy relationships.


Love & heartbreak

Breakups can be especially devastating. You may feel hopeless, alone, lost, and unable to look forward. I will help you wade through the sadness and grief of heartbreak and explore avenues for growth, independence, and healing. Wherever you are in a relationship cycle — single, dating, starting a relationship, experiencing relationship conflict, or ending one — feelings such as loneliness, rejection, and disappointment can arise. I can provide support through your process and guide you in maintaining a stable sense of self as you interact with and give energy to others.



In today's culture, dating has become one of our biggest sources of headache, frustration, and self-doubt. Maybe you're at the end of your rope with the whole dating rigamarole, or maybe you're feeling frustrated at how impossible it seems to meet a decent match, or even actually meet anyone! Maybe you've already fallen into the vortex of doom and despair and given up on dating altogether, but still wish you could find someone. Whatever your struggle, I'm here to help you navigate the complexity of dating and relationship development, understand your dating habits and motivations, and communicate your needs and desires clearly and effectively, no matter what they are.